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Contact lenses are lenses that are placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct refractive errors, sometimes for cosmetic reasons and to treat certain eye conditions.


Unlike spectacle lenses, contact lenses touch cornea, the most senstive portion of the eye which is provides 3/4 times the refractive power of eye. This cornea which is seen black is truly transparent so as to allow light enter eye and assist vision and the transparency shouldn't be compromised due to negligent contact lens usage.


contact lenses should be personalised for every individual eye's shape, moisture and specifications are different and are not supposed to be purchased without your optometrists.

A proper contact lens fitting includes

  • Measurement of k value (shape of cornea)

  • Evaluation of eye for dryness, allergies and other anomalies

  • Contact lens material should be chosen according to eye condition and life- style of the individual.

  • Trial fit the lens

  • Teaching of insertion and removal techniques

  • Teaching care and maintanance of contact lenses 

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