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Do you want to increase the productivity of your organization?

Do you know you can increase your Employee efficiency? 

Do you know you can minimize loss by wearing appropriate safety gears?

Would you like to know if your employee's Visual clarity, Visual comfort & Visual safety  plays an important role in your Organization's productivity ??

Yes.... We can create magic with your support to increase the Organization's productivity, minimize your loss, make your employees work enthusiastically..... 

Different aspects of Vision are crucial at workplace - Visual Clarity, Visual Gaze, Visual field, Color Vision, Visual Depth, Visual comfort and Visual Safety. When an Employee can see his task clearly at a comfortable gaze and within his visual field, interpret the colours and depth and movement in a comfortably lit environment and with proper safety gear, the efficiency of his work doubles, errors reduce, and productivity increases. We match the Employees Visual Capabilities to meet the visual demand at the job site and thereby productivity increases.

There are many studies which have proved Global Productivity loss due to uncorrected refractive errors, dry eyes etc.



Analyse the visual task, perform eye tests pertaining to job, derive visual and lighting standards for particular job which can be used even as recruitment standards and for audits, match man and job, educate employees & employers, and advocate periodic eye examination.

You Work for Your Progress & We Work For Your Eyes.... An Eye to your Eye Care.....

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