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Among all other senses, the most pre-dominant sense is your VISION.

Your eyes require not only just a power evaluation, but a comprehensiv eye checkup including battery of tests to evaluate the health satus of ocular system.

Most of the sight thretening problems glaucoma diabetic retinopathy, life thretening problems such as brain tumors, increased pressure in brain can be identified early through eyes and hence we say EYES ARE WINDOWS OF THE BODY.

At Eyeful optometry clinic, we do a comprehensive eye exam for patients and we have latest diagnostic equipments to aid our exam. A comprehensive eye exam includes

  • Vision test

  • power evaluation

  • Eye muscleevaluation

  • Pupillary examination

  • Live cross section of eye examination

  • Eye pressure evaluation

  • Retinal examination(layer of nerve cell which serves as screen of eye) 

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