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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Prevelance of #Myopia or #Nearsightedness/ #Shortsightedness / Minus power as it is commonly called has nearly doubled in past 20 years globally. It is expected that 50% of total world population and 48% of total Indian population to be nearsighted by the year 2050.

Children who are Myopic today are expected to experience the cusp of vision threatening complications at their later because of myopia. We may think it's common to change the number (power)of spectacle every year as the child grows. But the shocking truth is that when a child grows, the length of the eyeball (axial length) also increases. The elongated eye is susceptible to vision threatening complications like #MyopicMacularDegeneration, Glaucoma, cataract, #retinaldetachment and etc. The severity increases with increase in elongation of eye. 25% of people with axial length greater than 26mm will develop Visual Impaiment at age of 75.

These complications pose serious #VisualImpaiment and over the country as a whole in future.To avoid such complications, Myopia has to be prevented from occurring and #Myopiacontrol should be done if child already has #myopia.

Take your child for periodic eye examination to an Optometrist who is specialised in myopia control! The Optometrist will discuss various modalities of #Myopiacontrol and advice appropriately to manage myopia. Protect today's children from tomorrow's sight-threatening eye problems. Your child needs a more sophisticated #eyecare and not just an power testing.


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