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#Myopia or #Nearsightedness is a refractive error and a minus prescription is given to correct the vision through spectacle or contact lens.

But do you know, uncontrolled or unmanaged myopia have associated risk of visual Impaiment in adult age? In the picture below, there is a comparison between a normal and high myopic nerve.

Image (A) is how a normal nerve inside eye looks as opposed to the Image (B). Thanks to

Dr. Mark Koze for sharing the picture. The white patch like appearance in periphery is called Staphyloma happens to due the stretch in eye ball, The center of the picture also shows degenerative changes called Myopic Macular Degeneration leading to visual Impaiment.

Differrence between clear and cataractous lens changes

A child with myopia has risks associated with #Myopic macular degeneration, #Retinal detachment, #Staphyloma, #Cataract, #Glaucoma causing visual Impaiment at adult age. The prediction of myopia prevalence in future is high.

Differrence between normal and glaucomatous lens changes

It is important to get your child's eye tested periodically to rule out myopia and if its present, it is very important to control myopia as the associated risk increases with degree of myopia.

Take your child for periodic eye exam as advised by your Optometrist!

Looks so scary? You need not worry. These are the changes which are expected to happen in future if the progression of minus power is not arressted. Early intervention of myopia Management is very important. There are methods to control myopia. Your Optometrist would advice you on the right mode of treatment. Stay tuned to my next post. As am going to discuss how the vision will be perceived in these diseases.

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